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VA-MD Southern Nationalist

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bill Kristol calls for demise of white American working class

 by Michael Hill ,  February 9, 2017

     At an American Enterprise Institute event called “It Came Apart: What’s Next for a Fractured Culture,” on Tuesday, 7 February, Jewish neo-con pundit and Weekly Standard editor William Kristol said that the white working class should be replaced by non-white immigrants. Responding to fellow panelist Charles Murray, author of Coming Apart: The State of White America (2012), Kristol said: “Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?”
Trotskyite Jewish neo-conservative 
Kristol further elaborated:
    “You can make a case that America has been great because every—I think John Adams said this—basically if you’re a free society, a capitalist society, after two or three generations of hard work everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled—whatever. Then, luckily, you have these waves of people coming in from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and now Mexico, who really want to work hard and really want to succeed and really want their kids to live better lives than them and aren’t sort of clipping coupons or hoping that they can hang on and meanwhile grew up as spoiled kids and so forth. In that respect, I don’t know how this moment is that different from the early 20th century.”
    So, Bill Kristol, scion of Irving Kristol, one of the founders of the Trotskyite, primarily Jewish neo-conservative movement, is calling for the displacement and destruction of the white working class. And people wonder why “anti-Semitic” sentiments are growing among many whites all across America (and in the South as well)? It seems that Kristol, who is far from alone among organized Jewry in voicing favor for anti-white policies, is advocating at base a policy of economic genocide against a large and marginalized element of the white race: its hard-pressed historic working class.
    It is for reasons such as this that The League of the South wishes to banish the influence of organized Jewry from our part of the world as a prerequisite for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. One of our goals is to help restore conditions in the South that will allow white working class families to again have good jobs and secure futures for themselves and their posterity. We cannot do this as long as the likes of Bill Kristol and his tribe hold any sway in our lands.
Michael Hill

Monday, July 18, 2016

Thoughts About the Recent Shootings of Police Officers

 by Mark Thomey 18 July 2016

  I'd like to offer some thoughts about the recent shootings of police officers that have taken place.
I consider myself a 'law-and-order' kind of guy, and I generally respect the job done by law enforcement agents, as it is dangerous - more so now days than in times past.

   I certainly do NOT condone the premeditated murder of anyone regardless of their particular vocation in life; however, I do not set a higher value on the lives of government law enforcers simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge, and I certainly do not consider them 'above the law' themselves simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge. And contrary to popular opinion these days, I do not consider all of them to be 'heroes' simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge. A man should not be called a hero until he actually does something heroic. Getting up and doing your job every day is not a heroic act, per se. Saving someone from a burning building at the risk of your own life, for example, is heroic. To call people heroes simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge is an insult to people who do perform truly heroic acts.

   That being said, if you are paying attention, you can not help but notice the sharp uptick in the militarization of local and State police forces coupled with an increase in their inclination to act more like John Rambo than Andy Taylor. Most cops now days look more like they are going on a military campaign, complete with kevlar helmets, body armor, automatic weapons, and armored vehicles. It's getting harder to tell the difference between your local patrolman and someone in the 101st Airborne Division. Being confronted by a heavily armed soldier during a traffic stop is certainly more unnerving than seeing a peace officer in trousers, shirt, and smokey the bear hat approaching your vehicle. As I said, I'm a law-and-order guy, but this trend should be of concern to any reasonable person.

    If the old saying about clothes making the man has any merit, then the previous paragraph should help to explain the increase in a 'harass and intimidate', as opposed to a 'protect and serve', attitude on the part of an increasing number of law enforcement agents. I've seen an alarming number of videos online over the last couple of years where folks are beaten, tazed, bloodied, and sometime killed over mundane things like wanting to know why they're being detained, or asserting their rights (which the 'law' is supposed to protect). It is for this reason that I most definitely DISAGREE with a recent comment by someone from the political class that it is never Ok to resist the police. Excuse me? If I'm not being belligerent and some cop wants to throw a beating on me, I believe I am morally and legally justified in defending myself from his 'cruel and unusual punishment'. The same holds true if I'm facing government violence against my person or property over one of their 'laws' that is contrary to Divine and/or Natural law. The Church teaches us that an unjust law is no law at all, and does not need to be complied with. To be clear, if you've been peacefully apprised of your offense, or asked to follow a reasonable and legal/just order, and then you forcibly resist, I have no problem with the cops subduing you with whatever force is required to gain compliance. And if, under said circumstances, you shoot at them, then don't be surprised when they shoot back, and any claims of, 'he didn do nuffin wrong' ring hollow.

    And when a citizen is abused or killed by a law enforcement agent, there should be an independent investigation by a grand jury or some other legally constituted investigative body besides the police department. The ancient Greeks asked, who guards the guards? I'm sure I'd get a much friendlier hearing before members of my own family for some transgression than I would from an impartial group of folks to whom I'm not related either by blood or by profession. Too many times, the guards find themselves justified and innocent of wrongdoing when bad things happen to folks other than the guards. I fully realize we live in an imperfect world, and things will not always go the way we would like, but independent investigations would do a lot to restore the confidence and trust in law enforcement agents and the governments they serve that much of the public has lost as of late.

    When government oppresses the people with a plethora of stupid, needless and unjust 'laws', and the solons and their enforcers become jackbooted thugs who play by a different set of rules than the ones they foist upon us, they shouldn't be surprised when people become disenchanted, angry, suspicious and rebellious. Again, I am in no way justifying or excusing barbaric or unjust acts of premeditated violence against just and legitimate authority, but I am promoting and suggesting righteous and just self-defense against unjust aggression, tyranny, and barbarity by 'the authorities'. I say this because while most of us are not part of the BLM/NBPP/social justice warrior/antifa types who are causing so much mayhem and anger right now, we are most definitely part of that class (white, Christian Southrons who dare to defend our rights, blood and soil) that some of those Ramboesque agents will be sent to disarm, arrest, and imprison - or worse. The door swings both ways Mr Policeman. So give some thought to what orders you are going to obey.

    I'm sure a number of those who read this will take exception and have harsh things to say to me for having written it. That's fine. I have a thick skin. Names don't bother me. But I thought just a little bit of balance to the issue was needed. There are lots of ways the government agents could take things down a notch or two (or three or four) and still do their jobs safely and effectively.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Proclaiming Justice Among The Ruins

By SF Webmaster                                      July 6, 2016

One of the tenancies we see of Southerners in denial about the sad state of their homeland today is an embrace of constitutionalism – a belief that our enemies are simply misinformed and that if we educate them on the issues and point out the constitutional arguments in our favor that they will come over to our side.
Southern historian Richard Weaver wrote in The Southern Tradition at Bay: A History of Postbellum Thought that this was going on after the Northern subjugation of the Confederacy and has its roots in Antebellum society. Weaver wrote:

Since every system of education is ultimately a tool of the state, the controlling point of view will be that which the state visualizes as its chief source of welfare. In one society it may be commercial skill; in another science and invention. In the Old South it was an ad hoc humanism which produced the gentleman scholar and the political soldier. When one considers this education and this temperament, it comes as no surprise that in the era following Appomattox many Southerners felt impelled to re-enter the forum. Nearly all of them believed that the various Northern statements of the origin of the war rested not only upon misinterpretations of the “constitutional compact” – a phrase dear to Southerners of legal training – but also upon shallow and sophistical theories of society. It was a matter of proclaiming justice among the ruins, but the powerful polemic vein which had run from Patrick Henry to Calhoun and Yancey continued in appreciable volume for more than fifteen years after the collapse of the Confederacy.
This polemic persists in a much degraded form today due to that social marginalization of the Southern cause. I have witnessed it at demonstrations where, when faced with open hostility from anti-Southern and/or anti-White protesters our side sought to educate the enraged enemy. Countless times I have seen those on our side write wordy articles online seeking to inform the other side as to the “truth of history” and the “constitutional justice” – as if the enemy accepts us as a valid participant in a social or legal debate and will change its behavior should we somehow “prove” that we were right.
While reaching out to our people and awakening a national consciousness in them let us not waste time proclaiming justice among the ruins. It won’t fix the ghettos of Atlanta or Birmingham. It won’t close our borders or end the attacks on few remaining liberties. It won’t give us back control of our media or educational system. Power will come from awakening our people, individual by individual, and strongly asserting to our people our right to survive and decide our own future here in our land. We will not convince the enemy who is sworn to destroy us of the rightness of our cause. But we certainly can awaken our own people and begin building again. This is what we seek to do here at SF: reach out to Southern folks (as well as those related peoples friendly to our cause) and let them know that we are a national people – a blood and soil community – and we must band together to survive and prosper in the future.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Muses from the SF Webmaster

Miles’ Southern warning against global interventionism

William Porcher Miles, a socially-conscious Southern nationalist intellectual who served as a medical volunteer, Mayor of Charleston and USA and CSA Congressman from South Carolina, warned against tying to apply political ideas universally. He noted, a Classically-minded Southerner, that human are inherently flawed and limited. He also pointed out that no single political system is best for all people everywhere. Instead, the best political systems are organic and developed over many generations in accordance with the cultural and physical conditions of different people.

In 1852, Miles gave an address before the Alumni Society of the College of Charleston. His warnings in that speech applied the plantation world's Classical values to various problems born of Modernist ideologies. In the wake of the mess (which resulted in a migrant crisis, terrorism and trillions of dollars wasted in regime change attempts) made by the USA and its NATO allies in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere, Miles' warnings read prophetic about the horrors unleashed by Neo-conservatives or liberal interventionists seeking to topple monarchs to bring radical republicanism to the Muslim world:

Political Crusades are impolitic and dangerous, and are apt to be productive of as small permanent results as the Religious Crusades of the Middle Ages. The true policy of a nation is to a great degree selfish. Let her chief aim be to conserve or to perfect her own Constitution; to elevate and improve the condition of her own people. The finite intellect of man is incapable of marking out for them the destined of all races and People.
If Martians were settling here and some of them were preaching war against us and periodically killing get us and blowing things up would we blame radical Martianism or would we say that the Martians need to go back to Mars? Would libertarians insist on a free right to travel between Mars and Earth? Would Republicans demand more off-world workers and tell us how the growing green population is expanding our economy? Would liberals lecture us about the universal brotherhood of intelligent life? Would our leaders worry about the potential rise of anti-Martian extremism every time a Martian killed someone or would they begin sending the aliens home?

New poles of SN politics
by SF Webmaster
This past weekend, we threw a party in Augusta, Georgia to celebrate the publication of Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future. The dinner at a local Southern restaurant and the party which followed were a lot of fun. A couple of dozen or so friends and family members attended, some travelling from out-of-State to be there. I was honored by the support and love from my people.
Interestingly, the attendees held a wide range of Southern nationalist (for lack of a better term) beliefs; there was a great deal of intellectual and political diversity among our ranks. Monarchists, republicans, Third Positionists, Jeffersonians, libertarians and anti-Jeffersonians attended, all of them identifying with the Southern people and our cause of self-determination.

After the dinner I asked two friends to give short presentations on Jeffersonianism. Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent spoke first. He has recently written several articles on Southern economics, why the Confederacy failed and why Southern nationalists should advocate economic nationalism and protectionism. Mr. Griffin advocated an energetic State in a free South which would encourage Southern industry. He historically identifies with Southern nationalists such as James D. B. De Bow and George Fitzhugh on these matters. Next, I asked a friend and political activist John M. To respond. John identifies as a Southern libertarian and advocated free trade and an extremely minimal State in a free South. He invisions a South where property rights are paramount and the people are freed of government regulation and intervention to create wealth and industry. He identifies historically with Southern nationalists such as Robert Barnwell Rhett on these matters. Both made excellent points and the discussion became passionate and continued much longer than I had anticipated. While it was not my intent to start a heated debate, I was pleased that there is room for disagreement on issues of trade, regulation and other economic policies within our ranks.
While the roots of our social worldview are Classical and distinctly Southern, there must be room for different approaches to issues which are not essential to the survival of the Southern nation. As a national movement we must foster honest and open discussion on these issues. While the political climate of the USA is oppressive and limited, it must be open within our ranks.

Historically, Southern nationalists disagreed on the appropriate size of the State and the limits of its intervention in the economy. No one can doubt that both Rhett and De Bow were 100% pro-Southern, yet one passionately defended free trade while the other equally passionately advocated economic nationalism.
In the Modern USA, the poles of politics are limited to Chamber-of-Commerce-Republicans and Progressive Democrats. Both advocate mass immigration. Both advocate destructive trade deals with Third World countries. Neither places any priority on the survival and well-being of the Southern people.

It seems we already have in place new poles of politics for a free South. That is certainly not to say that even newer poles will not emerge. I hope to foster the development of these poles and encourage all pro-Southern people (including libertarians, protectionists, monarchists, Jeffersonians, conservationists, Christian conservatives and secular traditionalists, etc.) to join the discussion. Dixie needs all her sons and daughters in the cause of her survival and liberation.
Note: I do have opinion on these economic matters and I sometimes write about it and will do more in the future. But my opinion is not the Southern nationalist position. There is plenty of room for disagreement with my views.



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Cambrian Vision by Shotgun Barrel Straight

 August 19, 2015

I’m going to be frank with you, dear readers:  I’m not a fan of David Duke.
Everyone’s talking about him because of his recent interview with Alex Jones.  Jones, for those who don’t know, is a popular talk radio host who discusses conspiracy theories and the “New World Order” from a quasi-libertarian perspective.
And God bless him for hosting Duke – that’s a big step for talk radio.  He moved from being a clown in my eyes, to being pitied.  He’s given Duke a national platform.  Did Duke capitalize on the opportunity?
I wont give a play by play review, but I thought Duke came across as sporadic, ambiguous, and even clownish.  God knows I’m the last person to criticize personal demeanor on a talk-show, my oratory skills need serious refinement; but it’s Duke’s message, not his presentation, that bugs me the most.
Years ago, when I first began dabbling in “the movement”, I had the good fortune to hang out with Don Black, creator of the Stormfront website.  We had some drinks.  I wasn’t as clear headed as I should have been but I wanted to make a good impression so I walked over and told him how much I appreciated what he and his generation have done for the white race.  I’ll never forget his answer:
“Why?” he asked.
“We’ve utterly failed you…”
I was content with light-hearted platitudes, but Mr. Black was deadly serious.  I realized, after surveying the history of white racialism, that he was right.  The mindset of the guys in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, gained only marginal success then and most certainly wont work now.   That’s why hearing David Duke’s flaccid “anti-racist” and “anti-supremacist” talking points drive me up the wall.
His morbid focus on the “jew problem” is a hallmark of American white nationalism, but in my view, is perilously short-sighted.  It’s like a man with cancer thinking that if he can just drink enough ginger ale, his stomach will eventually calm itself and all will get back to normal.  Jewish Zionists are only a symptom of the West’s problem; Satan is the cancer.
Satan operates by shutting off all Earthly channels to Christ, convincing men to re-enter the tomb and metaphorically dissect the body of Christ (I mean: give Him an intellectual autopsy to scientifically and systematically determine how He ticks).  Only problem is, the tomb is empty and Satan laughs as men dissect abstractions.
Christ is in the heart and hearth of the European people…of white people.  Reconnecting with that spiritual vision is the only cure for our cancer.  David Duke doesn’t have that vision.  Rockwell didn’t have it.  The paleoconservatives like Russell Kirk ought to have had it, but they were too afraid to grasp it.

I want that vision or nothing at all.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Surviving Americanization in small town Dixie

 by SF Webmaster   AUGUST 15, 2015

Numerous small towns in Dixie have undergone the tragic process of Americanization in recent decades. A short time ago there were thousands of culturally, architecturally and ethnically distinct Southern towns which reflected the regional and local culture and distinguished it from other regions of North America. Today far too many are shells of their former selves with just deteriorating Antebellum homes on Main Street as a reminder of better days. They have been wrecked by Americanization.
The transformation often begins with local, homegrown industry outsourced to the Third World. Sometimes it is replaced with an international company which brings in foreign executives and a chamber-of-commerce Republican-type value system. Generally though outsourced jobs are not replaced at all. Small local business dry up. Dollar stores catering to EBT customers appear. Indian-owned gas stations replace local stations. If there is a hotel invariably it also will become Indian-owned. Local restaurants are phased out and replaced by national chain fast food joints and cheap Chinese places. The local working poor population is put on the dole and replaced in the service industry by Mexican workers.
This is a sketch of the troubling and destructive process ravaging small Southern towns – a process which must be stopped and reversed if the South is to survive.
The pictures below are of New Ellenton, South Carolina. To be fair, the town has the best BBQ restaurants in the State: Carolina BBQ and Duke’s BBQ. They are the exception in that they have survived the destructive process of Americanization.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Musing from an Old Southron by Virginian Southron 27 July 2015

Do you know why the Cultural Marxists are winning and fundamentally transforming the South?

They are totally committed to their cause.

They have worked toward this goal for the last 150 years. In the 1980s, groups like the Tides Foundation, the NAACP, ADL, and George Soros, Teresa Hines Kerry, set goals and went all in. They have been able to mass large quantities of resources, covertly placed people in the boardrooms of America’s largest and most influential corporations. They have gained control of our southern universities and schools. They ridicule, demean, and socially destroy anyone who stands against them.

They work as a group and are totally committed to a secular nation exterminating the white southerner who just happens to be in their way. They want nothing to do with our founders or our founding ideas and documents.

No one is afraid of us or our beliefs. They know you won’t do anything about it. Most of us profess belief but never put it into action. It’s too hard.

It is why are our churches are empty. They don’t stand for anything. They never put belief into action.

Talk is very cheap and non productive if there is no action to back up that talk. If you talk the talk, walk the walk.

Do you know why Hollywood continues to insult us, entire news divisions leave us out at best or mock and ridicule our faith, culture, and heritage?

Because we have and continue to allow them to do it.

Sacred honor? There is no honor and lives mean next to nothing.

What is it we actually believe in?

I believe in white southern Christian lives matter. That the only way for us, our culture, heritage and history can survive is to secede. I am totally committed to that cause.

When will the large majority of white southern Christians stand for something, ANYTHING, and mean it.

Maybe Christianity in the south is nothing more than something we say we are and then we go to service on Christmas. It’s the least we can do.

Well, I have news for the white Southern man: We have become a stranger in our own land. We are no longer in charge. We are effectively losing our culture, history, and heritage by remaining quiet and refusing to stand.

Does it make us uncomfortable? Is it too much of a hassle? Or is it maybe we just don’t like to cause trouble.

What is it we stand for, because I no longer recognize my southern country except perhaps that it is being occupied by an ever growing evil, aka cultural Marxism.

The time to stand is now. We can no longer afford to sit on our hands, vote Republican and expect everything to be ok. Silence is exterminating us. Secede to survive.

Just my thoughts.

Virginian Southron.

Deo Vindice.