VA-MD Southern Nationalist

VA-MD Southern Nationalist

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Cambrian Vision by Shotgun Barrel Straight

 August 19, 2015

I’m going to be frank with you, dear readers:  I’m not a fan of David Duke.
Everyone’s talking about him because of his recent interview with Alex Jones.  Jones, for those who don’t know, is a popular talk radio host who discusses conspiracy theories and the “New World Order” from a quasi-libertarian perspective.
And God bless him for hosting Duke – that’s a big step for talk radio.  He moved from being a clown in my eyes, to being pitied.  He’s given Duke a national platform.  Did Duke capitalize on the opportunity?
I wont give a play by play review, but I thought Duke came across as sporadic, ambiguous, and even clownish.  God knows I’m the last person to criticize personal demeanor on a talk-show, my oratory skills need serious refinement; but it’s Duke’s message, not his presentation, that bugs me the most.
Years ago, when I first began dabbling in “the movement”, I had the good fortune to hang out with Don Black, creator of the Stormfront website.  We had some drinks.  I wasn’t as clear headed as I should have been but I wanted to make a good impression so I walked over and told him how much I appreciated what he and his generation have done for the white race.  I’ll never forget his answer:
“Why?” he asked.
“We’ve utterly failed you…”
I was content with light-hearted platitudes, but Mr. Black was deadly serious.  I realized, after surveying the history of white racialism, that he was right.  The mindset of the guys in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, gained only marginal success then and most certainly wont work now.   That’s why hearing David Duke’s flaccid “anti-racist” and “anti-supremacist” talking points drive me up the wall.
His morbid focus on the “jew problem” is a hallmark of American white nationalism, but in my view, is perilously short-sighted.  It’s like a man with cancer thinking that if he can just drink enough ginger ale, his stomach will eventually calm itself and all will get back to normal.  Jewish Zionists are only a symptom of the West’s problem; Satan is the cancer.
Satan operates by shutting off all Earthly channels to Christ, convincing men to re-enter the tomb and metaphorically dissect the body of Christ (I mean: give Him an intellectual autopsy to scientifically and systematically determine how He ticks).  Only problem is, the tomb is empty and Satan laughs as men dissect abstractions.
Christ is in the heart and hearth of the European people…of white people.  Reconnecting with that spiritual vision is the only cure for our cancer.  David Duke doesn’t have that vision.  Rockwell didn’t have it.  The paleoconservatives like Russell Kirk ought to have had it, but they were too afraid to grasp it.

I want that vision or nothing at all.

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